As a product developer, I created this unique GOOFY GOLF CARD GAME to get all AGES of people off their cell phones, I pads, I pods and computers for some good old-fashioned fun. 

* We have stopped talking because of texting. 
* We are losing personal contact with people.
* Our world has gone digital.


As a professional Photographer for 28 years, it gave me the opportunity to do a lot of volunteer work as well as run my business with 6 employees.


* A board member of the Children's Aid          Society for 6 years.

* Chair of the Ontario March of Dimes for 14    years.

* Board member for all of Ontario for the          MOD for 12 years.

* Past President of Rotary.  Member for 14        years.

* Chair of the Leadership conference for            Rotary 6 years.

* Registered Canadian Author with two booklets published that sold world wide.

* Honorary member of the Chamber of              Commerce.





I played a lot of hockey when I was younger and picked up several trophies.

The challenge of building and racing a stock car was time-consuming but worth the ride.  

I enjoyed playing various sports such as bowling, basketball and water sports.  
Introducing Dar (Darlene).    Just celebrated 50 yrs. July 01 2017
Now Dar and I enjoy playing golf and travelling around.  Grandkids and Family take up a lot of our time.