This E book will be released soon called:
(the first 75 years)

Some of my Lifetime events and stories. 
  The dash! The time from when you were born until you die.

I chose the title "THE DASH" because it represents an entire lifetime of an individual.  The following short stories are excerpts from my next book  called "THE DASH"

All the moments lived and memories made good and bad, happy and sad, all the tough times and the easy times as well as the other things that are thrown into the mix that makes up "THE DASH" in peoples lives.

The dash is represented by that little line between the time you were born and the time you die and within that tiny line, lye’s all the stories.  No one can do justice to the dash of a person's lifespan in the15 minutes of praise you get during your funeral but, I'm certain, everyone has a storyboard.  I want to share my life's stories for what it's worth before I expire.  

So let us reach into this very old saddle bag and pull out some stories from the four basic areas of my life.

NOTE:  I have divided my story life into four sections or stages from the book  I'm writing.
1. Birth to pre teens.
2. Teens to young adult.
3. Adult to fifty.
4. Fifty and beyound


Stage 2


Who Would Do This?

Way back in time when most camps didn't have the luxury of indoor plumbing and when it came time to use the facilities you had to head outdoors to the outhouse.   You may have had a one, two or the luxury model three holes to choose from to do your business.  In this case, my Uncle's camp had two holes to choose from thus the term "Two Holer". 
You may have needed this preamble to understand the rest of the story if you didn’t have an outdoor toilet or never had the opportunity to use one.
I worked for my Uncle, during the summer.  He owned a TV and radio sales and repair business.   He also had equipment that he rented out like the two big round speakers that people like politicians would rent and then drive around residential areas promoting themselves using the microphone inside the vehicle. It just so happened that my Uncle had picked up all this equipment from a customer and instead of taking it back to his shop ended up bringing it to camp.
I stayed with then at camp all summer and my Uncle and I would commute to the big city to work every day.
Saturday, my Aunt and Uncle left my cousin and me at camp so they could go pick up some supplies.  Well, we found the equipment in his truck and decided to wire up the outhouse.  A smaller speaker was found and placed in the back of the outhouse (kind of a stinky area to work in) and the wire was fed across the ground and through a window into the bedroom.  The microphone was tested and all was good to go.
Supper was finished and my Aunt headed to the facilities and we headed to the bedroom.  In she went.  We counted to ten and with the microphone turned on, this was the message.  "Hey lady, don't pee we are trying to paint down here".  My Aunt bolted out the door with her pants down around her knees and she was bent over trying to pull them up as she waddled along while yelling Bill, Bill (my Uncle).   I turned to my cousin, as we were busting a gut laughing, and said that Auntie sure has a white ass.
Of course, we got the big lecture from my Uncle but on the way to work Monday he admitted that it was pretty funny.


Stage 2


I Can't Believe My Eyes:
What do you do when it's a very hot summer night, no clouds and a full moon especially when you are in your teens?
Well, the good news just happened to be overheard from a few girls chatting in the hallway of the school.
Talk about being in the right place at the right time.

I called my best friend and told him the plan I had overheard.  He agreed instantly that we needed to check it out Saturday night so we waited until it was around 11 pm. then headed to the lake.  We parked far enough away so as not to be detected and then worked our way through the bushes to get as close to the water as possible.

Right on, the information I had overheard was, in fact, true to form and there they were, seven of our high schools finest.  There was a floating dock that was about eight feet square wide with a diving board and it was located about twenty feet from shore.  With the full moon lighting up the area we had a great spot to view the activities.

At first, we thought of just stealing all their clothes that they left on the beach about ten feet away but decided not to in case we got caught.  So we just enjoyed the view of the seven skinny dippers until one of them got up on the diving board and standing there in the light of that full moon, pounded on her chest and made sounds like King Kong before jumping into the water.  I turned and said, "WOW those are big".  Well, we certainly enjoyed the view and left the area quietly and undetected.

Monday at lunch hour we headed to the second floor of the school because we knew that all the girls would be coming down that hall heading to lunch.  We casually walked towards them and as they approached about 10 feet away we pounded on our chests and made those same kinds of King Kong chants.  BUSTED, they knew we were there watching them as they walked by red-faced and all.

Well, we kind of decided we would let it go and not mention it again, that is until the High School had its 25th. reunion and we learned all girls would be in attendance.  We had a moment of glory. 


Stage 1


Whether you are alive today or passed on it means you had a beginning somewhere and at some point in time.  Creighton Mine was a small mining town located in Northern Ontario Canada.  The town that was owned and operated by a company called INCO (International Nickel Company) where they mined nickel, copper and some precious metals.  The mining was done underground by drilling holes into the rock forming tunnels. Dynomite was placed in the holes and when the charge was set off the blasted rock, now in smaller chunks, was brought up to the surface and sent to another location to be smelted or made into liquid form.  The Creighton Mine INCO operation had #3, #5, #7 shafts in the area.  My dad worked at #3 shaft in the shop as an electrician.  

As the town grew in size the need for churches, businesses and other centers grew.
Such was the case of the Protestant United Church.  A small town couldn't afford to keep a Minister full time so they asked my dad if he would like to live in the old log house and keep the Church in good repair.  The Minister would live in the best house usually in an area where there might be three churches that he would serve.

Well, that is exactly where I was born, right in the Manse or Minister's home.  My dad ran over to the Doctors office just down the street and brought the Doctor back to cut the cord, turned me upside down, smack my butt and as soon as I cried he left.  His Nurse came over to finish up.

I was so excited about being born that I was left speechless for the first year and a half.  And as the saying goes that is where it all began. 

Church on the right, built on a rock, and the Ministers log house in black beside it.